Are you using a splitter and receiving NO signals or very poor reception?

Would you like to use your existing cable junction box that has cables wired to rooms throughout your home?  You can but you must use the special LAVA 4-Way splitter or a splitter with a "POWER BY-PASS".

Please DO NOT use a regular splitter in the junction box prior to connecting to the Control Box or Power Insert, if the splitter does not have a "Power Pass" (see the images below)  the low-voltage electricity won't be able to power the built-in amplifier in the antenna.  You need to use a LAVA 4-way splitter with the Power Bypass" on port #1 or a splitter with a "Power Bypass" (usually stated with a red line & wording as shown below).

The port with the "Power By-Pass"...  MUST be connected to the cable that has either the CONTROL BOX or POWER INSERT at the other end.

Refer to this Handy Infographic for a Fast Guide