Instruction Guide: Read completely before starting

HD-8008 Base Kit

  • Antenna Main Unit

  • Mounting kit

  • Power Adapter

  • Power Insert

  • Water-Proof Kit

Introduction -

The LAVA HD 8008 omni-directional digital outdoor TV antenna is designed to receive the maxium reception with builtin dipole and high gain/low noise pre-amplifier. 

Step 1 -

To start we will attach and assemble the reception wings to the HD-8008 main antenna unit. Remember, only tighten all nuts and screw by hand.

1. Gather the main antenna base and place bottom-side up to expose the attachment compartments.

2. Unscrew the 2 attachement compartments with a Phillips-head screwdriver and remove the compartment covers.

3. With the 2 compartment covers removed, you will see 4 nuts on both sides of the 2 attachement compartments. Remove these 4 nuts and place the reception wings through the bolts.

4. Replace the 4 nuts on each reception wing and tighten by hand so the reception wing is firmly attached.

5. Place the compartment cover back onto the main unit and screw the covers back on by hand. 

Step 2 -

In this step we are assembling the mounting kit and antenna main unit so we can mount the LAVA HD-8008 Antenna to a pole.

1. Gather the mounting kit which includes a U-bolt with wing nuts and a grooved bracket

2. Thread the U-bolt through the back of the main antenna mount piece as shown

3. Attach the grooved bracket to the U-Bolt so the notched groove is facing toward the antenna

4. Attach the whole assembly to a pole and tighten by hand using the wing nuts to secure the mount in place

Step 3 -

In this step we are finishing the mounted antenna portion of the installation by attaching your coaxial cable to the mounted LAVA HD-8008 Antenna unit.

1. Identify the coaxial cable plug under the main antenna base

2. Connect your coaxial cable to the antenna base

Reminder: Only tighten the coaxial cable by hand. 

Step 4 -

For this last step we will connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the power insert inside your home and connect the power adapter/insert kit to your home entertainment system.

1. Gather the power adapter and power insert

2. Insert the power cord into the matching plug of the power insert

3. Connect the other end of your coaxial cable that is connected to your LAVA HD-8000 antenna

4. Connect the other end of the power insert to your cable box or TV and plug the power adapter into power source

NOTE: If your are using a cable box, DVR, or any other device you connect a coxial cable to your TV first, be sure to attach the power insert to this device first.

Still Have Questions? Watch this video walkthrough for even more details...