Instruction Guide: Read completely before starting

HD-8000 Base Kit

  • Antenna Main Unit

  • Mounting Kit

  • Power Adapter

  • Power Insert

  • Water-Proof Kit

Introduction -

The LAVA HD 8000 omni-directional digital outdoor TV antenna is designed to receive the maximum reception with builtin dipole and high gain/low noise pre-amplifier. 

Step 1 -

To start we will gather and assemble the mounting base and components so we can attach the LAVA HD-8000 Antenna to a pole or wall.

1. Gather the Mount Base, U-Bar with wing nuts, and bracket

2. Insert the U-bar into the holes of the mount base as pictured so the bar sits within the rounded groove of the mount base

3. Insert the bracket to the back of the mount base, threading the U-bar throught the bracket holes

*Note: The grooved part of the bracket faces inward toward the mount base

4. Attach the wing nuts to the U-Bar and tighten the assembly as necessary

Note: If you choose to wall mount your antenna instead of using a pole, forgo the U-bar and simply use the same mount holes to screw the mount to the wall

Step 2 -

In this step we are attaching the prepared mount base from Step 1 and attaching the LAVA HD-8000 Antenna to the mount.

1. Attach the mount assembly to a pole and tighten

2. On the front of the mount assembly, remove the wing nut from the bolt

3. Attach the antenna main unit to the mount assembly at the desired angle and reattach the wing nut, tightening as needed

Step 3 -

In this step we are finishing the mounted antenna portion of the installation by attaching your coaxial cable to the mounted LAVA HD-8000 Antenna unit.

1. Identify the coaxial cable plug

2. Connect your coaxial cable to the antenna base

Step 4 -

For this last step we will connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the power insert inside your home and connect the power adapter/insert kit to your home entertainment system.

1. Gather the power adapter and power insert

2. Insert the power cord into the matching plug of the power insert

3. Connect the other end of your coaxial cable that is connected to your LAVA HD-8000 antenna

4. Connect the other end of the power insert to your cable box or TV and plug the power adapter into power source

NOTE: If your are using a cable box, DVR, or any other device you connect a coaxial cable to your TV first, be sure to attach the power insert to this device first.