Instruction Guide: Read completely before beginning

HD-2805 Base Kit

  • Antenna Main Unit

  • Motor Rotor Base

  • Main Pole Column

  • Control Box

  • Remote

  • Power Adapter

  • Coaxial Cable

  • Cable Zip-ties

  • 8 Screws

  • 3' RG6 Cable

Introduction -

The LAVA HD-2805 Ultra 4k digital outdoor TV antenna is designed to give superior reception and clarity. Featuring a powered rotational motor, the LAVA HD-2805 can find the best reception at any angle. 

Step 1 -

To start we will gather and assemble the mounting base and components so we can attach the LAVA HD-2805 Antenna to a pole.

1. Gather the motor rotor, the main pole column, and the assorted screws to attach the 2 components together.

2. Place the main pole column on top of the motor rotor, fitting the circular pegs of the motor rotor into the circular fittings on the main pole column. Affix the 2 components together using 4 of the accompanying screws.

3. Gather the main antenna base, placing it bottom-side up. Place the motor rotor on top of the antenna so the 2 metal pegs are sitting in the peg holes in the antenna and affix the 2 pieces using 4 accompanying screws.

Reminder: Only tighten all screws and nuts by hand, never power tools.

Step 2 -

In this step we are preparing the main antenna unit to attach to the mounting pole by expanding the wings for maximum reception.

1. Gather the main antenna unit and place it bottom-side up

2. On the left and right side of the unit are the main reception wings, pull both back 90 degrees to their natural resting position

3. Next, pull out the center column wings until they gently snap into their resting sockets

4. Lastly, pull back the tip wings until they gently snap into their resting sockets 

Step 3 -

In this step we are finishing the mounted antenna portion of the installation and attaching a coaxial cable to the mounted LAVA HD-2805 Antenna unit.

1. Place the antenna onto a pole and use the dials on the main pole column to mount it firmly

2. Next identify the coaxial cable plug on the bottom of the unit

3. Connect a coaxial plug to the unit and if necessary use the supplied zip-ties to afix the cable neatly to the pole leaving some slack in the line to allow the antenna to rotate if needed

Reminder: Only tighten the coaxial cable by hand, never use power tools or a wrench. Too much torque will damage the unit

Step 4 -

In this step we are finishing installation by attaching the other end of your coaxial cable to control box and powering up the unit.

1. Gather the control  box, power adapter, and coaxial cables

2. Connect the coaxial cable connected to your antenna to the plug labeled "ANT" on the control box

3. Next, connect another coaxial cable to the plug labled "TV1" and connect the other end to your TV or entertainment system.

4. Plug in the power adapter and turn the unit on

5. The red light on the back of the antenna will glow when power is reaching the unit

Step 5 -

In this last step we will rotate the antenna to find the optimum reception for your television.

1. Gather the remote or identify the "Rotate" button on the control box

2. Press and hold the button to make the antenna rotor rotate as shown. Double press and hold the button if you want the antenna to rotate in the opposite direction

3. Rotate the antenna until you discover a field of reception you're most happy with